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To create the executable arcos:
- first create library libconfig.
libconfig can be downloaded from www.hyperrealm.com/libconfig.
Here we already included the package libconfig.
- Go to directory libconfig-1.4.9/lib and give the following command:
make all
- The arcos code make use of the Poisson solver from Fishpack.
The Fortran90 package fish90 has also been added and the library file
will be created together with the arcos library.
- Next, return to the root directory arcos and give the following command:
make all
Now you have the executable arcos, which needs the input files from
directory input. ./arcos also needs an output directory. The name is given in
/input/default.cfg by "output_dir". Here we choose directory output.
If the directory output does not exist, create this directory:
make output
In this directory many files for visualization will be written. For more details see the documentation: